Angry Birds gets a very special guest

October 17, 2017

Eddie, the iconic mascot of Iron Maiden, will be a special playable character Eddie the Bird in Angry Birds Evolution this Halloween season.

Nokia introduces intelligent network solutions

October 17, 2017

Nokia is introducing its Intelligent Access technologies, including the first wireless PON solution on the market and a Wi-Fi solution, to help operators meet increasing ultra-broadband demand.

Royale Sisters set to go international

October 17, 2017

Finnish game and animation studio Pikkukala and French distributor Dandelooo aim to take the Finnish comedy show to global screens.

Valoa Design makes sure the lights aren’t out

October 17, 2017

City lights aren’t there just for convenience and functionality; like architecture, they provide beauty and wellbeing, too. Finnish Valoa Design minds the gap between sunset and sunrise.

HumanCharger’s breakthrough on the world stage

October 16, 2017

These patented white-light-emitting earbuds are bound to pique the interest of anyone looking for a portable solution to winter blues or jet lag.

Five for Friday: Pet-friendly solutions

October 13, 2017

Animal-lovers will adore today’s five initiatives: healthier pet food, a wildlife conservation NGO and more.

Glöet seeks to add an extra spark

October 11, 2017

Special occasions deserve special toasts, don’t you think? Finnish Glöet wants to boost traditional festivities with innovatively flavoured bubbles.

Man and a Baby rise to the stars

October 16, 2017

Man and a Baby has been awarded the title of Best Nordic Feature 2017 at the Nordic International Film Festival in New York.

Finland and Indonesia fight fires together

October 16, 2017

Peatland and forest fires are a constant threat in Indonesia. Now, the problem will be tackled with the help of Finnish expertise.

Lappeenranta looks to revolutionise construction

October 16, 2017

The Finnish City of Lappeenranta has obtained 3.4 million euros in EU-funding to use for the development of a 3D-printable replacement material for concrete and a new kind of cityscape.

Euthanizer travels to Japan

October 16, 2017

Euthanizer, directed by Teemu Nikki, is the first Finnish film to compete at the Tokyo International Film Festival in over 20 years.