10 Questions

Karoliina Korhonen 15.05.2019

10 Questions: Karoliina Korhonen

In this week's 10 Questions, graphic designer Karoliina Korhonen tells the story behind her Finnish Nightmares' main character Matti.
Katja Pantzar 09.05.2019

10 Questions: Katja Pantzar

Katja Pantzar wrote a book about Finnish sisu, and now she reveals when she last showed sisu herself.
Ismo Leikola 18.04.2019

10 Questions: Ismo Leikola

This week, Finnish standup comedian Ismo Leikola tells us why it’s not possible to name the best joke ever and what makes him laugh.
Anna-Julia Kontio 09.04.2019

10 Questions: Anna-Julia Kontio

What is equestrian Anna-Julia Kontio's number one tip for someone who would like to try show jumping? Find out in this week's 10 Questions.
Eicca Toppinen 03.04.2019

10 Questions: Eicca Toppinen

Apocalyptica's Eicca Toppinen tells what he likes to do when not playing the cello and what makes him lose track of time, in this week's 10 Questions.
Verena Rentrop 28.03.2019

10 Questions: Verena Rentrop

This week, we meet Verena Rentrop, who brings positive energy through sweet ‘micro-moments of love’ to offices and events via her company, Chocolate Angel.
Helena Halme 21.03.2019

10 Questions: Helena Halme

Finnish writer Helena Halme ponders the global appeal of Nordic Noir, as well as the influence of the digital age on the reading landscape, in this week’s 10 questions.
Makwan Amirkhani 14.03.2019

10 Questions: Makwan Amirkhani

Mixed martial artist Makwan Amirkhani sees a rosy future ahead for the sport in Finland. Discover why and much more in this week’s 10 Questions.
Mia Kemppaala 07.03.2019

10 Questions: Mia Kemppaala

Oulu is getting ready to cut a hole in the frozen sea next week and fill it with startups from around the world. This is just the tip of the iceberg for the city’s many charms, says Mia Kemppaala.
Petteri Sariola 28.02.2019

10 Questions: Petteri Sariola

Supporting Tori Amos, touring in Asia and playing knee-deep in water – Petteri Sariola's career has been anything but dull.
Samuel Harjanne 21.02.2019

10 Questions: Samuel Harjanne

What is Finnish theatre director Samuel Harjanne's ultimate professional goal? Catch this and a lot more in this week's 10 questions.

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