Eero Antikainen 27.01.2021

Practical testing accelerates sustainable product development in the water sector

For sustainable development, it is essential to develop new technologies, products and services to face the current challenges in the water sector here and elsewhere. These include water treatment in the mining and pulp and paper industries, as well as issues related to agricultural water load and groundwater management. Recently, the water sector in Finland […]

Satu Salonen 13.01.2021

International talent boosts growth for companies (and Finland)

In recent years, there has been a lot of public discussion regarding the shortage of skilled talent in Finland. Even though the global pandemic has turned attention to other urgent matters over the past year, the question of how to secure the availability of talent is not going to disappear or lose its relevance in […]

Peter Clemons 19.03.2020

Finland on top of critical communications

The global critical communications community is on a long journey from the ultra-reliable, low-latency voice and short data solutions of 2010 towards the fully developed 5G URLLC solutions of 2030. The challenge our relatively niche community faces is to make sure our full needs and requirements are included in the 5G roadmap. The Quixoticity Index […]

Alexandra P. Bäck 04.03.2020

Goal setting – how HR can inspire people through purpose to develop and stay for the long haul

A quick search for #millennials on LinkedIn turns up an endless feed of posts covering subjects like what millennials actually want, how millennials will change the characteristics of the workforce, and millennials vs. boomers – which group is more sensitive? (Spoiler: it’s not who you think). As is all too usual today, the conversation has […]

Anne Badan 19.02.2020

Bridge the talent gap by skill-building

Being the ‘world’s happiest nation’ is one of the best ways to attract new talent to Finland. However, when it comes to the realities of the job market here, there is a very serious and real shortage of high-skilled workers, especially in the tech sector. In fact, it’s estimated that Finland will need 53 000 […]

Annica Moore and Susanna Mikkonen 13.02.2020

The competitive advantage of family-friendly workplaces

Finland is repeatedly ranked among the top countries in the world in life quality, happiness and education. Families with children are especially well taken care of in Finland, and the welfare system provides families with abundant benefits and support. Finnish mothers get 105 days of paid maternity leave and fathers 54 days of paid paternity leave. […]

Markus Ranne 21.01.2020

Finns love their space – for a reason

Space really rocks today. Finnish satellites roam the final frontier and Finland is a space nation. It wasn’t always like that. My own professional life, relating to space, started in 1998 and a lot has changed since. It is still hard to understand how anything else than a satellite costing hundreds of millions of euros […]

Cuilu Fan 09.01.2020

Finnish food and beverage brands have much to offer China

At the beginning of 2019, China became the world’s biggest consumer market. China’s diversity of population and subcultures offer a huge opportunity for business. It is also a country rich in food culture. Not only is food a daily essential; more importantly, it is a lifestyle. The increase in food exports to China was first […]

Valeria Azovskaya 11.12.2019

Design for science

Collaboration between scientists and designers is not yet a very common practice. Visualisation is one of the tools materials researchers could easily adopt from design practices to explain complex scientific ideas and concepts. Design can help in many different ways: It can provide support for a journal publication (photos, data visualisation) and prove helpful in […]

Tero Lausala 27.11.2019

Why work in Finland is worth the shout

Having lived in the US and the UK and worked in several multicultural organisations, I know Finland is known for, if anything, its Arctic climate, some top-class F1 drivers and a guy named Darude. Some more historically oriented people have also heard about Mannerheim, Kekkonen and Ahtisaari. One of the best kept secrets about Finland is, […]

Caro Vehmas 12.11.2019

Elderly people in Finland have the best digital guidance and support

Technology and elderly people are often seen as an impossible combination. We tend to think that the elderly do not understand how to use technology and digital devices, and that they are unwillingly to learn these skills. On the contrary, elderly people’s attitude towards new digital solutions is in fact curious and positive. The elderly […]

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