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Gaurav Das 03.08.2022

Digital concrete and 4D smart materials – A new dawn for the construction industry

3D printed concrete and 4D smart materials will enable greener construction choices and new innovative structures, writes Gaurav Das from Renotech.
Anu Kaukovirta & Csaba Jansik 01.06.2022

Finland offers sustainable food choices for a modern diet

Plant-based foods, in particular new oat products, offer Finland new opportunities to strengthen its role in the global food supply, write Csaba Jansik and Anu Kaukovirta from Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke).
Hanna Isoranta 27.04.2022

Studying in Finland is about quality education and experience

Finland’s higher education system is famous for its quality and highly professional teachers. But it isn’t all about rankings, the experience matters too, says Hanna Isoranta, Senior Adviser, Finnish National Agency for Education.
Petra Söderling 30.03.2022

Metaverse by Finland – from buzz to reality

Metaverse is the latest buzzword in technology. In her column Petra Söderling, Senior Advisor at Business Finland, explores the concept and how Finnish knowhow is making it a reality.
Juha Paakkola 16.03.2022

Smart health solutions require data and patient centricity

Smart health solutions require high-quality healthcare data, artificial intelligence know-how and top science and engineering expertise. All of which Finland has to offer, writes Juha Paakkola, Director at Health Capital Helsinki.
Liping-Rachel Fu 23.02.2022

Key success factors for e-commerce logistics providers in Finland

Advanced digital infrastructure and a friendly business climate make Finland an interesting location for e-commerce logistics providers. But success requires collaboration and localised services, writes Liping Fu, general manager of YunExpress Finland.
Lars Hagebris 09.02.2022

You are not alone: Innovation is a true team sport

Innovation is less about a lone genius, hard at work in his lab, than it is about collaboration, writes Lars Hagebris.
Kimberly Oguilve 19.01.2022

AI and AR can help make the customer experience more personal

Artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) are great tools for improving our online shopping experience. But all companies that tap into AI and AR should hold data privacy, inclusivity, transparency and trust as key values. This is where Finland and the Nordics excel, writes Kimberly Oguilve.
Margarita Khartanovich 08.12.2021

Tampere: The fastest developing startup city in Finland and its first visionaries

Tampere has been home to innovative and visionary entrepreneurs since the 19th century. Today, over 200 startups follow in the same footsteps. “If you are a risk-taker with an open mind, dedication, vision and dreams, it is easy to fit in here,” writes Margarita Khartanovich, CMO at Platform6.
Christine Chang 17.11.2021

Diversity drives future innovation

Finland is a country of innovation and technology, and it needs to attract and retain international talent to continue its success. It doesn’t take a village but the whole country to create a favourable environment for companies to thrive in today’s globally connected world, says Christine Chang, project director at Helsinki-Uusimaa Region.
Valeria Azovskaya 27.10.2021

Design for science

In this week's column Valeria Azovskaya tells about why collaboration between scientists and designers is beneficial and what role visualisation plays in materials research in Finland.

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