Julia Bushueva 06.10.2021

Learning with joy makes Finnish daycares special

Finnish kindergartens encourage children to be themselves, writes Julia Bushueva.
Satu Salonen 15.09.2021

International talent boosts growth for companies (and Finland)

In order to keep Finland competitive in the global world, Finland needs the best talents. According to Satu Salonen, this means focusing also on talent from abroad.
James O'Sullivan 25.08.2021

Learning for a lifetime

There is never a better time to learn something new than right now, writes James O’Sullivan.
Lars Hagebris 21.04.2021

You are not alone: Innovation is a true team sport

Innovation is less about a lone genius, hard at work in his lab, than it is about collaboration, writes Lars Hagebris.
Karen Grigoryan 17.03.2021

The pandemic is still time to start up in Finland

The pandemic doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good time to start up in Finland, writes Karen Grigoryan.
Pia Engström 03.03.2021

Robotics education should be compulsory for all, from daycare onwards

Pia Engström emphasises the importance of teaching robotics to students for a multitude of reasons.
Eero Antikainen 27.01.2021

Practical testing accelerates sustainable product development in the water sector

Laboratories and businesslike environments represent the range of testbed environments ideal for accelerating sustainable product development in the water sector, writes Eero Antikainen.
Peter Clemons 19.03.2020

Finland on top of critical communications

This week, Peter Clemons explains why Finland is leading the way towards a better, smarter and safer world.
Alexandra P. Bäck 04.03.2020

Goal setting – how HR can inspire people through purpose to develop and stay for the long haul

Embrace the opportunities presented by a diverse workforce by finding the common threads that connect us as a whole, writes Alexandra P. Bäck.
Anne Badan 19.02.2020

Bridge the talent gap by skill-building

Having helped dozens of companies find talent and developed numerous business ideas into companies, The Shortcut CEO Anne Badan shares her insight on finding work in Finland.
Annica Moore and Susanna Mikkonen 13.02.2020

The competitive advantage of family-friendly workplaces

Being family-friendly is one of the most efficient ways to attract and retain the best employees and to invest in their wellbeing, write Annica Moore and Susanna Mikkonen.

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